Powderhorn Kitchen website update


We updated the site just in time for the holidays. Below are a few cups available right now. Thanks for looking! www.powderhornkitchen.comginny-sims-cup_1ginny-sims-cups1

Studio Shots

Some studio shots of work made in the last few months…

 IMG_1825_2 IMG_1956_2 IMG_1901_2 IMG_1659 IMG_1683 IMG_1815 IMG_1666 IMG_1773 IMG_1875_2 IMG_1887_2 IMG_2208_2 IMG_2025_2

Powderhorn Kitchen Update!

Jess and I are very excited to debut our most recent works for the site: Mortar and Pestles and Salt Cellars! There are a few other new fine goods on the site as well. http://www.powderhornkitchen.com/



Show at Bottle Rocket Gallery

It was a wonderful past week in Fayetteville, Arkansas. My great friends, Kat Wilson and Sarah Leflar, run the Bottle Rocket gallery, a lovely space that brings in artists from outside of Northwestern Arkansas that residents of that area may otherwise not see. Being invited to Bottle Rocket is in some ways like a tiny residency. Artists are invited to have an exhibition, talk with the students of the University and folks around town, and hang around the lovely grounds of Finger Road. You can read more about Bottle Rocket on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bottlerocketartgallery Here are some images of my show:







Dosha Kitchen does Northern Spark

I’m a little late in posting but it was an exciting summer for Powderhorn Kitchen. Jess and I collaborated on Dosha Kitchen, an interactive installation within a trailer where participants learned about their Ayurvedic dosha through food sampling, objecthood, and a simple quiz.  trailer


Residency at Grand Marais Art Colony

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been sketching large scale for bigger 3-D works. I have a beautiful, well-lit space in an old church hall to work in right up the street from the majestic Lake Superior.

studio grand marais art colony



pots in progress

lake superior

Ceramic Tapestries

An idea I’m working on–ceramic tapestries! These are just sketches… some cracks and crawling, but I’m still into it.


Three Jerome Artists Exhibition

Three Jerome Artists Exhibition opening at Northern Clay Center, January 17th, 2014.


New books, New ideas


new work

I’m gearing up for the Jerome show at the Northern Clay Center on January 17th! Check it out: https://www.northernclaycenter.org/exhibition/three-jerome-artists-3 Here’s one of my favorite plates to be included in the exhibition.IMG_5892